The 2020 International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management (ICMSEM2020) accepts original and unpublished papers. The papers may include but are not limited to:

1.Engineering and Management 工程管理

Structural Design and Theory 结构设计及理论

Building Environment and Management 建筑环境管理

Urban Planning and Management 城市规划与管理

Information and Communication Management 信息与通信管理

Environment & Equipment Engineering 环境与设备工程

Management Information System 管理信息系统

Project & Engineering Management 工程项目管理

Quality Control and Management 质量控制与管理

2.Industrial Engineering and Management 工业工程及管理

Decision Support System and Models 决策支持系统与模式

Man-Machine-Environment System 人机环境系统

Supply Chain Management and Modeling 供应链管理及建模

Production Logistics System 生产物流系统

Industrial Design 工业设计

Production Planning 生产规划

Reliability Engineering 可靠性工程

Systems Modeling and Simulation 系统仿真与建模

3. Safety Engineering and Management 安全工程与管理

Safety Theory and Practice 安全理论与实践

Disaster Modeling and Simulation 灾害建模与仿真

Disaster Risk Analysis 灾害风险分析

 System Analysis and Decision-making 系统分析与决策

 Control and Management Techniques 控制与管理技术

 Human Behavior and Safety 人类行为与安全

Accident Analysis and Prevention 事故分析与预防

 Public Safety 公共安全

4.Information Engineering and Management 信息工程与管理

Computer control and management  计算机控制与管理

Intelligent information processing  智能信息处理

Electronics& Telecommunication Engineering  电子、电信工程    

Information technology  信息工程

Information management   信息管理                                  

Automation and control engineering  自动化与控制工程

Artificial Intelligent Engineering Application   人工智能工程应用 

Engineering management intelligence algorithm  工程管理智能算法

5. 土木与结构工程/ Civil and structural engineering

Structure and construction 结构与建筑工程

Road and bridge engineering 道路桥梁工程

Rock engineering 岩土工程

Hydraulic engineering 水利工程

Coastal engineering 沿海工程

Earthquake engineering 地震工程

Material engineering 材料工程学

Measurement calculation in civil engineering 土木工程中的测量计算


6. 物流与供应链管理/ Logistics and supply chain management

Warehousing and distribution 仓储与配送

Logistics outsourcing 物流外包

Logistics automation 物流自动化

Production and material flow 生产和物料流

Supply chain management technology 供应链管理技术

Supply chain risk management 供应链风险管理

Global service supply chain management 全球服务供应链管理

Supply Chain Planning and Inventory Management 供应链计划与库存管理

Coordination and collaboration of supply chain networks 供应链网络的协调与协作

Governance and regulatory aspects affecting supply chain management 影响供应链管理的治理和法规方面


7. 城市交通管理/ Urban traffic management

Smart grid management 智能电网管理

Belt and Road Development 一带一路发展

Intelligent traffic analysis and planning management 智能交通分析和规划管理

Big data and transportation management 大数据与交通运输管理

8.Other Related Topics 其他相关主题