Welcome Dr. Fu From Shangdong University of Science and Technology to be the Committee Member!


Dr. Binghai Fu

Shandong University of Science and Technology

School of Management


Research Area:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management


Research Experience:

 Fu Binghai, PhD in Management from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Lecturer at School of Management, Shandong University of Technology. His research direction is innovation and entrepreneurship management. In recent years, in the National Natural Science Foundation of China's A-type important journals "China Soft Science", "Science Research", B-type important journals "Science and Technology Management", "Journal of Management" and other high-level CSSCI journals Published 12 academic papers. He is currently chairing 1 Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province, 1 Soft Science Key Project of Shandong Province, 1 School-level Project, and won 1 Second Prize of Outstanding Achievements in Zibo Philosophy and Social Science. He has participated in a number of national projects including the major projects of philosophy and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, the National Social Science Fund, and the National Natural Science Fund.