Welcome Dr. Gao to be the Committee Member of ICMSEM 2020!


Dr. Sue Song Gao

Independent Researcher

Research Area:

Computer-aided Architectural Design and Education; Professional education and practice; Sustainable Architectural Design Methodology

Research Experience:

Recently years Dr. Gao is actively engaged in architectural design, architectural education and research. The research areas she studies mainly fall into three aspects, which are computer-aided Architectural Design and Education, professional education and practice and sustainable Architectural design methodology. She has published dozens of high quality research papers within those three areas. Meanwhile, she applies Architectural design theories into practice, and also theorizes theoretical frameworks from practice and research. In the year of 2019, she wrote two excellent 500 words abstracts for applying the CAADRIA and both abstracts were accepted in the same time. In practice, she won several design competitions in overseas and China and has joined dozens of Architectural design projects ranging from hospital design to residential building design. In the year of 2009, she was entitled as Class one registered Architect in China after successfully going through the examinations. In teaching, she successfully taught 55 final year students’ Architectural design theses and projects. Some of them have pursued master study in overseas.

Nowadays, for the purpose of better teaching, research and practice in next step of her career, she selects to be an independent researcher for a few years in order to structure a theoretical framework.