Welcome Dr. Yang from Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology to be the Committee Member of ICMSEM 2020!


Dr. Kai Yang


Research Area:

Financial Management and Performance Management of Independent Directors

Research Experience:

Based on the theoretical perspective of advantage characteristics, the declarant has always focused on such topics as performance management of independent directors and team advantage management, explored the relationship between the performance advantage characteristics and weak performance of independent directors, identified the performance advantages of individuals in the process of performance, and constructed the performance evaluation model and management mechanism of independent directors considering advantage characteristics. The innovation and value of the applicant lies in the innovation of theoretical perspective and evaluation model, that is, to supplement and deepen the existing theoretical perspective and evaluation methods. In theory, this paper explains the mechanism of independent directors' performance based on the perspective of advantage characteristics, which adds a new theoretical perspective of advantage characteristics to the performance of independent directors. The constructed performance advantage discriminator reveals the content of the performance advantage of independent directors, and makes up for the deficiency that the existing research pays too much attention to the institutional structure and ignores the influence of the performance advantage factors on the performance process. In practice, the evaluation model of the performance advantage of independent directors is added to the evaluation method. The advantage evaluator constructed is an effective simulation of the reality and provides method guidance for the individual value of independent directors. Focusing on coordinating the performance advantages of independent directors is conducive to how the Chinese board of directors can play its advantages in the process of promoting corporate governance, which has practical significance.